For Employers

How does the process work?
You describe to us the position you need filled including job criteria and necessary skills. Then we match you with the best candidates for the job.

What is the fee for the MomUp service?
Contact us to find out more.

How are potential candidates vetted?
We extensively evaluate each candidate’s background and qualifications. We save you time by filtering the candidate pool and reducing the amount of interviews you need to conduct. We screen applicants for experience, skills, availability, and personality to assess who the best candidates are for your organization.

What type of positions are candidates looking for?
Everything from project-based gigs to full-time. You describe what you need and we will connect you with the right person.

How experienced is your candidate pool?
MomUp houses a niche market of elite talent. We host the most driven and dedicated talent pool with advanced degrees, years of work experience and a drive like no other. By employing our candidates, you will be utilizing a groundbreaking way to hire an exceptional untapped resource.

For Moms

What is required to become a MomUp candidate?
There is no list of specific requirements to apply. On average our candidates have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and 8-10 years of experience in their respective field.

Where are employers based?
All Across the US.

Does it cost anything?
There is no fee to join.

How long does the process take?
The vetting process will take a couple of weeks as we review your work history, current career interests, and personal references. You will have the opportunity to schedule an initial phone call after submitting the form.

Do I have to be a Mom to work with MomUp?
MomUp wants to work with anyone who values our mission and vision.

For Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching encompasses an array of services which include: helping you establish your next steps, exploring opportunities for growth, assisting with job search strategies, resume and interview feedback, as well providing support on how to approach opportunities and challenges in your life and workplace.

What do MomUp Coaches do?  

Our coaches help with a variety of career and life-related issues including resume support, career exploration, work- life balance and work related issues. They can provide guidance, structure, direction and accountability on your career journey.

How do I sign up with a MomUp Coach? 

Start by deciding  what type of coaching you need; are you searching for resume support or looking for help discovering your next career steps? Are you a teacher looking to move out of the classroom or an executive looking for leadership advice?

Review our coaches’ bios and expertise to help you decide with which coach you would like to work.

From there, you can select any coach to learn more about them and to directly book your service.  If booking career coaching services,  we recommend you start with our FREE 15 minute consultation to ensure the coach is a great fit for you.

When you are ready to start working with a coach, return to their drop down menu and book the specific service. You will be prompted for payment as well as asked to fill out a brief intake form. You will then hear from your coach within 48 hours to schedule your session.

What if I need more than one session? 

Coaching often includes more than one session.  You and your coach may decide after your first session that you may want to continue working together.  Return to their drop down menu and book additional sessions.

How are MomUp coaches selected? 

Our coaches are vetted for their expertise, training and experience. You will notice that each comes with their own speciality which allows you to choose to work with one that is most compatible to your needs.

Why do I have to pay upfront to work with a coach? 

Our professional coaches are ready to schedule an appointment with you as soon as you sign up.  Our upfront payment allows them to begin working with you immediately and demonstrates our commitment to you as a client.

Why do the coaches have different rates? 

Our coaches set their own rates based on their specialities, experience and methods.  They are vetted for their unique service and each has a distinct skill set to their specialty.

Once I have paid, how soon will I hear from a coach? 

MomUp coaches will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule a session.

What is group coaching? 

Group coaching is ideal if you have a topic you would like to explore with your team such as allyship or leadership development. Group coaching  allows people to dive more deeply into a topic while a coach helps facilitate the discussion.

The ideal size for a group session is 6-8 individuals. We find that companies often book group sessions when a new leader is brought on to a team as well as when there is a new cohort of hires.

Additionally, group coaching can be a cost effective way to gather a group (personal or professional) to address a single topic such as confidence, salary negotiation, partnership strategy or any other career related topics.  Individuals who participate in group coaching don’t receive the same curated attention as in a 1:1 session with a coach. However they gain accountability partners by approaching a shared topic.

What is Clifton Strengths Assessment Coaching?

The CliftonStrengths Assessment is an online tool to help you discover your natural talents. Strengths-based leadership coaching is all about helping people deepen their awareness of these talents, intentionally leverage these talents toward leadership goals, and develop talents into strengths. The Top 5 CliftonStrengths report launches you into the conversation with a basic understanding of your most dominant talent themes. The CliftonStrengths 34 report provides deeper insight into your full ranking and provides added action items and resources for continued development.

What is your cancellation policy?

Coaching sessions can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance. Your payment will not be refundable for cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment start time. You may cancel your coaching session order within 24 hours of purchasing and request a refund. The refund will be issued, minus a 5% transaction fee.

If a coach needs to cancel for any reason, efforts will be made to alert you as soon as possible, and rescheduling or a refund will be offered.

What is your refund policy?

If you have purchased a package and would like to cancel after beginning sessions and/or receiving services you may only request a refund for the amount pertaining to remaining sessions. You may not cancel or request a refund after the services have been performed.