How Flexibility
Benefits Your Business

by Michelle Keefe  | June 11, 2019

The landscape of work is evolving.  The traditional workday, workplace, and work tools have transformed when, where & how we work.  Let’s embrace this change with open arms. Employees want more flexibility and employers are listening. Everyone stands to win!

Harvard Business Review conducted a study in 2018 to research flexibility in today’s workforce. Flexibility includes unconventional hours, agility, & adaptable location.

What did the researchers discover?

  • 96% of the white-collar professionals surveyed need more flexibility.
  • Only 47% have access to it.

When employees feel empowered to make more choices regarding their work environment productivity increases. Understandably, productivity and flexibility seem at odds but we live in a time when people are constantly accessible. No longer do we arrive home and draw that line in the sand between office and home. We answer emails at midnight and speak to China at 4 am.  If flexibility is not implemented then achieving any sense of work/life balance becomes impossible. Times are changing and we all have to adapt.  

Leading companies know that workers thrive in an independent environment.  A culture that supports creativity, freedom, and appreciation allows employees to produce quality work.  Flexibility cultivates a culture of loyalty and motivation. Priorities and lifestyles change and when employers recognize and implement procedures to adapt to the evolving world,  employees take notice. By adopting a more flexible culture businesses will drive up morale and engagement. In turn it will enhance employee retention and efficiency and innovation.