Our MomUp Story

by Michelle Keefe  | May 15, 2019

MomUp was born from the idea that we could connect organizations with the amazing untapped resource of mothers who are ready to step back into the workplace. As a stay at home mom, our CEO, Michelle, discovered, like many of her friends, she wanted to continue her career path with businesses who value work/life balance. Speaking with other moms it didn’t take long to realize how many incredible women were in the community.

At any given school event, local fundraiser, or playgroup the conversations often led to personal stories, and the common thread was stupefying. These women had careers and educational backgrounds to rival anyone. MBAs from top tier schools, published works, former executives titles. It was impressive but why did they leave these jobs? For many the answer is kids, but when we dove deeper it was more involved than that.

  • “I wanted to be more available to my kids and around more, but I would have kept my job if it was more flexible.”
  • “I worked when we first had kids but then my spouse’s job required us to move and finding a job with a new company in a different city felt too challenging with kids.”
  • “I switched careers just before children and working an entry level position didn’t offer me much in the way of negotiating a different schedule.”

Kids were a defining element in the career choices but many women would have kept their jobs if the workplace was more flexible or the job search process was easier. There had to be a solution to this. A pool of amazing women with advanced degrees and years of experience – this a resource that many organizations may not even realize they could have access. What would happen if we introduced these two groups?

We are surrounded by highly educated, skilled, energetic multi-tasking mega stars that are looking for new and exciting challenges. Michelle realized that by forging partnerships with progressive companies and connecting them with skilled talent MomUp could make a huge impact.