How Do You Land Your First Board Seat and Why Should You Care?

How Do You Land Your First Board Seat and Why Should You Care?


Join Breen Sullivan to learn more about how The Fourth Element can help you initiate and/or advance your for-profit board career.

Are you interested in sitting on a corporate board one day but feel like there is no roadmap for how to get there?  Have you wondered if there might be advantages to sitting on a startup advisory board?  Spoiler alert, there are many!

Learn how advisory boards can be an excellent way to get into the elusive ‘board candidate pipeline’ so you can qualify for governing boards and larger company boards down the road.  Advisory boards typically are compensated via equity, so serving on smaller company boards can be a great way to start building your own personal portfolio of wealth.

Serving on these boards can also help you advance in your career and successfully negotiate for a promotion or a raise – join us to learn more!

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Speaker: Breen Sullivan, The Fourth Element

Breen Sullivan is a career General Counsel for high growth tech companies and the Founder of The Fourth Floor, a Market Network on a mission to close the gender power, wealth, and funding gap by diversifying boardrooms and cap tables.

The Fourth Element online community and on-demand talent marketplace includes a Board Seat Exchange, Private Investment Club, Job Board and Membership Community. The Fourth Element along with its 800+ ecosystem companies, 1,450+ board-ready women and 100+ women-led funds and angel investors is breaking the systemic barriers that contribute to the inequities in the startup ecosystem and company boardrooms.