Negotiating and Landing Your Ideal Role

Negotiating and Landing Your Ideal Role with Natalie Levy of She’s Independent 

In this workshop with Natalie Levy and She’s Independent, we’ll dive into the framework needed to successfully navigate any negotiation. Negotiating is a mix of mindset, preparation, and strategy. We’ll cover the basics while laying the groundwork for you to map your path to and land your ideal role.

How are you showing up today and where can your skills be further developed? We’ll offer strategies and exercises to get you more confidently articulating your value and asks.

Do you ever get to “No”? If not, should you try to? What if HR asks for your number first? We’ll cover these questions and more.

Meet Natalie

Founder & Managing Partner, She’s Independent Investments

Natalie Levy is the Founder of She’s Independent, a women-first investment group offering an entirely new way to support women’s financial independence and influence through investing and board placements. As a member-led investment group, She’s Independent marries empowerment and action, with the ultimate mission of closing the power gap in investing by getting more women on the cap table, in the boardroom, and into positions of influence.
Natalie successfully negotiated compensation package increases at almost every employer she worked with and achieved 40+% YoY increases on behalf of herself and coaches others to achieve similar results. Natalie graduated magna cumme laude from University of Michigan with a BSE of Industrial Engineering and a minor in mathematics and resides in Boulder, CO with her loving rescue pup Beans and is passionate about gender equity and mental health awareness.