Quarantine Toolkit Day 1

Day 1: Getting Sorted

Today you will come up with your family plan for the next few weeks. Below I have included your Day 1 worksheet, some sample schedules and a spreadsheet to fill in your own plan.
One of the biggest takeaways from my experience homeschooling our kids is that we’re all going to get frustrated at some point.  If we can acknowledge that up front it’s going to alleviate the pressure and hopefully keep guilt from creeping in.  You are going to get frustrated being together all the time and you are going to get annoyed teaching your kids. They are also going to be annoyed with you.


Homeschooling in a camper van in NZ
BUT you are also going to have fun. you are going to look back on this time and think wow that was crazy but we did it. Not everyone out there has the luxury of time with family.  People are struggling – financially, emotionally logistically, but for many of us reading this we are going to be ok – inconvenienced yes.  In the end ok…and probably even great.
Another takeaway –  structure is important.  We all thrive on it. We are all used to it.  Things start to unravel when we are not on a schedule.  Embrace one.  Adapt it.  Carve out time for you.
Take the pressure off yourself.  This is not forever.  Your kids have lots of schooling ahead of them.  Have fun with it. You don’t need a full on science curriculum Instead watch Bill Nye. Involve a fun a math game. Choose a read-aloud book to share on your front stoop.
Lastly, get the kids involved.  All of their extracurriculars are cancelled. They have plenty of time to make beds, assist with cooking and sweep the floors.  This is a great opportunity to teach them how to run a load of laundry and run the vacuum.

Daily Schedule

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