Quarantine Toolkit Day 2

Day 2: HomeSchooling

#1 Rule: This is not forever.  Take some pressure off yourself.  NO GUILT!
  • Do not expect the impossible. This is a strange new world. We are all learning as we go.  
  • Allow for schedule flexibility. There is no perfect system.  Some days you need a movie marathon and some days you need some structure.
  • Be kind to yourself. This is a challenging time. It will end.  Everyone will be ok. If social media is triggering with perfect homeschooling scenes put then phone down!
  • Focus on your strengths. If you love books, share some of your childhood faves for read-alouds.  If you love art do some fun crafts.  If you do NOT like something, do not force it.  There is nothing that will frustrate you (and your kids) more than doing an elaborate craft and losing your mind.
  • There’s plenty of school in the future.  If they watch extra tv right now it is A-OK.
Worksheets are great but how about infusing a little fun (and independent work).
Best Audiobooks – and the library has them for free!
Story Cubes are fun ways to sit at lunch and come up with a story together. You can even make up your own.
Story Prompts for kids.
Clip out words from magazines or newspapers to make a story, poem, or ransom note.
When the kiddos are really bored. They can document this time in journal and read about when they are older for a laugh…or cry.
Take this opportunity to force your kids to listen to your music and pretend it’s a lesson but really you just want to finally have control over music choices.
Foreign Languages
Great excuse to turn on the TV.  Watch Friends in French; Dora cartoons in Spanish or some Spanish novelas for the teens out there.
Little Pim offers language videos for kids.
Duolingo is a fun learning app.



Freestyle art is best

Easy Art Projects

Mo Willems Lunchtime doodles

Bob Ross – great for feeling relaxed

Virtual Museum Tours

Social Studies

Ken Jennings Books

Best Educational Shows

Netflix Top Kids’ Shows


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