Your Career Pivot Plan

Your Career Pivot Plan

An ever-changing job market brings the need to be change agile in the midst of leadership turnover, company takeovers, and unfortunately for some, layoffs and job loss. So how do you keep a “stay ready” mentality when riding the waves of the job market? Start with a plan of action that you can edit and iterate as you continue your professional journey. Certified Executive Coach, LaToia Burkley, will take you through the steps to write your values-aligned career pivot plan that you can have at the ready!

Speaker: LaToia Burkley

Meet LaToia

LaToia is known for Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Career Coaching, and DEI. She is a goal-oriented, certified diversity coach, as well as a highly-skilled, innovative, and energetic business leader. In her work with clients, she draws on her background in identifying, prioritizing, maximizing opportunities, and orchestrating solutions in the Human Resources and Business Operations space. LaToia’s area of expertise includes burnout recovery, work/life balance and integration, and professional alignment with values. She also works with executive leaders and organizations on strategies for building inclusive workspaces and DEI action planning.

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