Hiring During Covid

by Michelle Keefe  | July 20, 2020

Although the country is slowly starting to open up again, Covid-19 is still a present threat and will change the landscape of work for a long time.  How we work, where we work, and what are the new expectations will be the question of every business owner.  All leaders must know the steps to take in protecting the health of employees as well as maintaining the security and well-being of the company.  As we move forward into these next phases prepare yourself and your organization as you consider how to bring in new employees. 

Get Your Organization’s Ducks in  a Row

Before you bring in new people you need to set yourself up for success 

Establish a Covid Protocol
Employee health is of the utmost importance. If on site work is needed ensure a safe environment. Set up a plan for illness scenarios with backup support for coworkers.

Reframe Your View on Remote Work
Remote work can be very productive if you make expectations evident and deliverables clear.

Get Rock Solid Tech
Implement a system for remote work that you can easily deploy for new hires.

Beef Up Your Messaging
Communication is key for smooth transitions better relationships. Consider a communications contractor to maintain transparency with employees and clients.

New Hires
  1. Start Now

Even if your company is on a hiring break, start the process now.  It can take time so use this period to reach out and find potential new candidates. 

  1. Get Creative

There are many more options for candidate sourcing out there when remote work becomes a possibility. Cast a wider net or  And look for more creative options. There are a lot of people out there who would love part time opportunities and project-based work. When you feel your company is ready many of these contractors may easily transition into full time hires. 

  1. Be Prepared

How is your company handling the pandemic?  Have responses ready. (This is why it’s important to take those  initial steps of getting your organization ready.  There are a million uncertainties right now and people want to feel secure in their commitment to a new company.  The # 1 question we’re getting from candidates is – Can this position be remote? With so many unknowns in the fall and winter people want to be sure of their family’s safety and well-being. If working from home is an option make this clear in your  job postings.  If it is not remote be clear on how your company addresses safety concerns in the office.  

  1. Get Comfortable

Having new people in-house will continue to be reduced in the coming months so get comfortable with virtual interviews. Use it to your advantage. Turn the camera on during your call.  Ensure that the candidate is prepared, organized and composed while working from home. Ask them about any remote experience they have and how they plan to manage WFH.. 

  1. Show Off 

Bring this new hire into the fold and show off your company culture.  Company culture is a bit more challenging when it is virtual but odds are as a boss you have tried to maintain some elements of your office vibe.  if you had happy hours each week maybe you maintained them through zoom.  Start by introducing your new hire on small calls.  Set up one -on-ones with their new coworkers  and then smaller groups within the org.

We are not coming out of this the same way we came into it.  So it’s time to think out of the box on how you want your company to move forward and continue to grow in a post-covid world.  /////////////////