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Learn from industry professionals about what it takes for moms to successfully reenter a new workforce reality. 


Feeling lost? Start envisioning the life you want now. Actionable steps and deep dive resources to help you assess your real goals.

Worksheet PREP: Self Reflection

Launching a new career: Move through the following steps strategically to assess your next career move.

Worksheet PREP: Career Reflection

Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, & personal pitches. Your basic arsenal of job search must haves.

Workshop: Intention Setting

Gain clarity to manifest what you want. Get clear on your "why." What lights you up?

Workshop Defining Personal Values

How do you decide which career direction to take? Define and honor your values.

Workshop Empower Yourself

How to build confidence and “courage muscles” for new ventures.

Workshop Finding Your Career Sweetspot

What is your career sweet spot? Finding out may open your eyes to new career paths.

Workshop Wheel of Life

Bring balance back into your life with this incredible exercise.

Workshop Play.Learn.Thrive

Learn tools to teach your kids how to play independently.