by Michelle Keefe | March 14, 2021

This month’s CatchUp is with MomUp's superstar mom, Kim Holt. Hi, I’m Kim Holt... I’m optimistic, resilient, empathetic, visionary, results driven, collaborative minded and so much more.  My career path provided me with the opportunity to travel and live around the world, allowing me the chance to see the world through a different lens. How has MomUp helped you? The team at MomUp is amazing. When I speak to them, I feel like I am talking to a close friend, who understands my situation and provides advice based on who am I am and my situation. Thank goodness for MomUp. What career highlight are you most proud of?  I am most proud of the impact I made within the APAC region when I was the Merchandising Director with Timberland.  I was able to revitalize the Timberland brand with a very pivotal market. First job you ever had? I started working as soon as I was allowed.  With my worker’s permit in hand, I starting working at a newspaper distribution office. I remember that job vividly. What do you think companies should know about working moms? Companies should know that working moms are a force to be reckon with.  The ability to juggle work and family life is not an easy feat. What are you best job search tips? Find a way to upskill yourself. That is the best way to refresh your CV, especially if you have been away from the workplace for a while. What keeps you going during this pandemic? The belief that things will get better. Advice on balancing work and family? Be kind to yourself.  You are only human, and sometimes you will make a mistake or drop the ball.  It’s ok. Forgive yourself and move on. Favorite book, movie , or  tv series? I have never watched Netflix before the pandemic (yes, its true).  But most recently I started watching Kim’s Convenience.  It’s lighthearted, funny and reminds me of my family. First thing you are going to do when we are “back to normal?” Travel