by Michelle Keefe | November 4, 2021

This month’s CatchUp is with MomUp superstar, Katie Jafarli, now the Business Manager, at Juliana Farrell Consulting!

Tell us a bit about you! 

I grew up in a small town in Maine and always had dreams of seeing the world. As a young person, I studied abroad in high school and college, which later helped launch me into a career working for a nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization. I have worked in roles focused on account management, strategic sales planning, project management, recruitment and operations. I love learning about other places and cultures and have been fortunate enough to travel to over 35 countries through both personal and professional experiences.

What career highlight are you most proud of?

I am proud of the time I spent working to provide opportunities for young people to experience the world and gain exposure to new ideas, different cultures, and build bridges through international exchange. Working for a mission-driven organization and creating and developing relationships that ultimately supported impactful programs for youth from all over the globe was very rewarding.

First job you ever had?

I did a lot of babysitting as a teen. I started quite young watching neighborhood kids and babysat all through middle school and high school.

What do you think companies should know about hiring working moms?

Moms are amazing! From juggling a million priorities, to staying cool under pressure, to practicing patience and empathy…… the list could go on forever! Moms bring so much to the table, and I see how becoming a Mom has changed my approach to work in so many positive ways because of the skills I have developed.

What are you best job search tips?

To cast a wide net. Any lead you follow that does not ultimately work out is not time wasted as the information that you gather along the way can clarify your needs, wants, values, strengths, areas for improvement, etc.

What kept you going during this pandemic?

As exhausting as they were, my kids were what kept me joyful during such a difficult time. They pushed me to look at things differently, to get creative and enjoy the simple things.

Advice on balancing multiple contract roles?

I think just being easy on yourself and accepting that there won’t ever be a “perfect” balance and sometimes things will tip one way and then back the other way. Having other moms to talk to and learn from is also so helpful!

How has MomUp helped you?

Momup has been incredibly supportive and provided such personalized attention. It is SO nice to work with an organization which celebrates being a mom, where you can openly discuss how being a parent impacts work life, without trying to pretend it’s not a huge factor in your career decisions. They have made me feel valued and have helped me find a part-time flexible job, as well as provided me with some great career coaching services.