by Reem Papageorgiou | August 10, 2022

This month’s CatchUp is with MomUp's long time client, Chael Christopher, Co-founder & President of Sentier Analytics!

Tell us a bit about your company!

Sentier Analytics uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to assist the commercial arms of pharmaceutical companies with gaining insights on marketing and sales operations of their business. We help guide customer interactions, and we deliver the most accurate answers possible in an actionable, repeatable, and explainable approach.

How has MomUp helped you?

MomUp has listened to our needs and helped us find employees and contractors who share our values and our vision. We know that there are incredibly talented people out there who have either grown frustrated working with big companies, or who are re-entering the workforce after taking time off. Reem and Michelle have cultivated a deep network of like-minded professionals, and MomUp has worked with us as reliable partners in our journey.

Why do you think it's helpful to work with a recruiting firm?

Cultivating a talent network takes an incredible amount of time and energy and we need to stay focused on taking care of our customers and building our business. MomUp has introduced us to some fantastic people and we trust that anyone we speak to because of MomUp already understands our business and our priorities. This saves everyone involved time. We trust MomUp because they have taken the time to understand our business and they value professionals who seek to have a significant impact in their next role.

Why do you think it's important to diversify the workplace?

Diversity is about having many perspectives, and having a wide range of views and backgrounds means that we are working with as much information and insight as possible. This gives our company better empathy, and it means that in the long run we can provide a better product to our clients

What are your best hiring tips?

We believe in building consensus as a company and everyone gets a chance to meet a prospective new hire. We shy away from standard interview questions -- we would rather have someone tell us their story and let them hear our story. If we ask good questions related to how that candidate arrived and vice versa, then it is more of a conversation than checking off boxes.

Advice on balancing work and personal life?

Balancing life and work requires strong communication and trust between the employee and the employer. We don't keep track of paid time off because we trust that our employees will make decisions that are beneficial to both themselves and to the company.