by Reem Papageorgiou | September 15, 2022

This month’s CatchUp is with MomUp's client, Ashley Welch, co-founder of Somersault Innovation!

Tell us a bit about your company!

We are a sales enablement firm that pioneered the intersection of design thinking methods with sales. Why? Because design thinkers are crazy good at customer centricity and co-creation, which is exactly what the modern seller needs to be and do with their customers. We teach sellers how to use these techniques to grow their customer partnerships in authentic and differentiated ways.

How has MomUp helped you?

MomUp didn’t help us find an employee, they found us our superstar, Mery Lewis through a very thoughtful process. What worked so well is that MomUP took the time to really understand who we were and what we cared about in an employee and then found a selection of gifted candidates for us to interview.

Why do you think it's helpful to work with a recruiting firm?

Because we don’t have the time or the resources to find a selection of qualified candidates. MomUp saved us time, money and enabled us to secure a fabulous hire.

Why do you think it's important to diversify the workplace?

Diversity of all kinds leads to better decision making, more creativity, and stronger outcomes. We know this empirically. We also want to mirror what we desire for a diverse world and reflect our customers.

What are your best hiring tips?

Don’t make a decision until you have spoken to a number of candidates. Always check references. Ask your new hire what will make them thrive.

Advice on balancing work and personal life?

Remind yourself ….there is a never ending amount of work, and therefore, you are the only agent for creating boundaries in your life. If you don’t, no one else will. I always find it a gift when others model healthy boundaries and prioritize life outside of work. And, I doubt you will look back on your life and wish you worked longer hours 😊