The CatchUp

This month’s CatchUp is with our superstar mom, Jen, an administrative and
operations consultant for small businesses.

Alright, Jen, 5 questions for you and GO…

1. What excites and inspires you about your work?

I love the variety of work my organizing business covers.  I’m never bored doing the same thing.  Over the years I have done everything from redesigning playrooms and offices to software implementation and campaign mailings.   Organizing to me is not just labeling everything and making a space pretty.   It is setting anything up that makes your life easier.

2. Proudest Work Moment

My proudest work moment was the day I completed my first home organization job for someone who was not someone I knew.   A stranger had welcomed me into her home, trusted me with a space she was not proud of, took my advice, and together we transformed a room.   Accomplishing that was a huge confidence boost, and reassured me that I could get paid for work that was fun to do.

3. Hardest Work Moment

My hardest work moment was the day I was laid off from my last corporate job during the Great Recession, right after I returned from maternity leave.   It ended up being a blessing in disguise as I was surprised to find I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom and eventually decided to start my business.

4. Suggestions for balancing home and work

I’ve been lucky.  Since leaving full-time work, I have had complete flexibility with when I get my work done.   That makes it easier to be there when my family needs me, but also makes me feel like I’m always “on.”   One simple thing is shutting off my work email notifications on the weekend or vacations so I don’t feel compelled to drop everything when a message comes in.

5. How do you see the workplace changing since you started and what (if anything) needs to still change?  

It’s been so long since I’ve been in a “real” office, but I think employers are finally catching on to the fact that remote working can mean happier and more productive workers.   I do think parenthood is still considered a liability in the workforce and that needs to change.  Having a baby changed my priorities, but it didn’t change my ability to get my job done well.

BONUS QUESTION – How did MomUp help you?

MomUp helped me find a new client with zero effort on my part.  They know what I am capable of and can pair me up with businesses who need help getting organized.