The CatchUp

This month’s CatchUp is with our superstar mom, Danielle, a sales and marketing
professional with superior communication skills! Danielle is currently working with
MomUp’s client, NOVI LLC, an AI company based in Virginia.

Alright, Danielle, 5 questions for you and GO…

1. What excites and inspires you about your work?

I have always been a people person, so I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone who has worked with me, or knows me, that what inspires and makes me most excited in work is connecting with people and building relationships. Whether that be with colleagues, a brand, clients or industry professionals, it is such a rewarding experience for me. Even in the toughest relationships a positive always reveals itself. I have made life long friends, gained mentors, and met some of the most inspirational people that have not only impacted my life personally, but professionally.  

2. Proudest Work Moment

When I was 22 my now husband moved from Australia to Boston. He had just finished his degree and we were thrilled to start our life together in the same country. He landed in Boston and a short time later we decided (so carefree of us!) that we wanted to up and leave for New York City. My now more practical self has no idea what we were thinking, but I am so glad we jumped in head first! I got my first job in New York City as a Sales Assistant in the luxury architectural hardware scene and within months was promoted to a Sales/Project Management position. I worked hard and couldn’t believe I was working with some of the best Interior Designers and Architects in the world. I made my first sale. It was miniscule in the grand scheme of our work, a handful of cabinet knobs, but I was so thrilled and proud of myself. I tracked the check all the way from the designers office, and when the payment landed on my desk I could not have been more elated over my $25 commission. I remember running to my COO’s office to show him. So Matthew, if you are reading this, thank you for being just as excited about my first $25 as I was!

3. Hardest Work Moment

I have learned to appreciate the hard moments, which is much easier said than done. In the moment it does not always feel like a moment to cherish. With that being said, those hard decisions, uncomfortable conversations, and unforeseeable circumstances are what has made me grow, learn, and  gain the most experience as an employee. I could pick out a handful of stories and circumstances. But, in all honesty, the hardest moment for me was coming to terms with the fact that making the right decision is not always the easiest, or most popular, and that even when you think you have done everything correct, you are never going to please everyone.  

4. Suggestions for balancing home and work

I got into a habit many years ago where I said “yes” to everything. There is so much beauty, happiness, and power in simply saying the word, “no”. I felt insecure saying the word “no”. Thinking I would be judged, or talked about negatively, and that it would be assumed I didn’t care, was being cold, or was disinterested. But the best suggestion I have is to trust yourself and take care of yourself. Don’t feel obliged to do something because you think you have to. Use your free time to do what grounds you, makes you happy, and recharges you. In addition, I am a planner. I schedule out what needs to be done and plan out the week. Knowing my schedule relaxes me and allows me to fully engage and enjoy the free time I have to be with my husband and son. I am also a huge fan, I am not always the best at this, of putting my phone and technology away when I am not working. Not always the easiest! Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself and be flexible. It is ok to leave tasks on your to do list unchecked. No one is perfect!  

5. What is keeping you going during the quarantine?

I am doing my best to remind myself that even in the hardest times there is a silver lining. My son is about to turn one and he has been able to have both his parents home. We are spending quality time with him that otherwise he would not have gotten due to my husband working outside of the home. We are both able to watch him develop and grow. It is such a blessing that I know we will not have with future children. This time has also made me and my family realize, even more so, what is truly important in life. What we really need and want moving forward. I know I mentioned this above, but hard moments in time are where you grow and learn the most. Also, wine. Lots of wine.   

BONUS QUESTION – How did MomUp help you?

I am so thrilled to have found MomUp. Working with Reem and Michelle has been an amazing experience. After I had my son I knew I wanted to get back to work. I also knew that I needed to find opportunities that were engaging, positive, and flexible. After speaking with Reem I knew she not only had my best interests in mind, but employers best interests in mind. She took the time to really understand and learn about my background and experience. She got to know me personally and what I was looking for in potential work. Once the pandemic hit I was unsure about what the job market was going to look like. MomUp put my mind at ease. They continued to openly communicate with me through the ever changing uncertainty and matched me with a fabulous work opportunity that worked for me and my family. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Reem and the MomUp team, and am grateful to have found such a wonderful community in them.