The CatchUp

This month’s CatchUp is with our superstar mom, Heather, a brilliant and inspired
market-leading strategist! Heather is currently working with
MomUp’s client, TeacherLists, an online platform
connecting schools with retailers, based in Massachusetts.

Alright, Heather, 5 questions for you and GO…

1. What excites and inspires you about your work?

I recently started a role in marketing with TeacherLists – an online platform that allows school districts and teachers to upload school supply lists to their website for parents and students to shop virtually or in-store.  Needless to say, it has been an exciting time to come into this role with all the change that has happened, in every aspect of life this year, but especially in educational planning.  I am able to have a direct impact helping families as they prepare, in real-time, for the transition from summer to back-to-school. It has been really inspiring to see how hard districts, administrators, teachers and families are working to realign Fall educational plans and implement solutions that are both effective and safe for all.

2. Proudest Work Moment

My proudest work moment has been continuing to take a chance on myself. I started this new role in the middle of a pandemic, with a lot of uncertainty on how it would all work out. Taking this role was a huge adjustment for my family and a decision that wasn’t made lightly since it changed the structure of our day-to-day lifestyle. I have professional goals and I’m still working hard towards them, and at the end of the day, my continued drive amidst all the chaos is what makes me the most proud of myself. 

3. Hardest Work Moment

There are so many things I could list here, because being a working Mom is, so. damn. hard. But, the hardest work moment has been allowing myself grace to make mistakes while learning something new. 

4. Suggestions for balancing home and work

The best advice I can give for balancing home and work is to stay organized.  I have to-do lists galore, I have an organized work space and when my work day is done, I am 100% on at home for my family. 

5. What is keeping you going during the quarantine?

I am struggling with the day-to-day craziness of life during a pandemic like everyone else but have remained focused, and somewhat sane by sticking to a schedule, reaching out to talk and vent with friends and working hard on being mindful.  My life is full and busy as a working-mama, but I have lots of gratitude which has always carried me through challenging times and continues to do so now. 

BONUS QUESTION – How did MomUp help you?

MomUp helped me land my current role. It was so great to speak with the team and have their insight on how to focus my job search. Even with great professional experience, it is very easy to become lost on big employment search engines. It’s great to have a team of professional, working mothers, who really “get-it”  in your corner to help you in your search.