by Michelle Keefe | May 25, 2022

Time for Change

Gun Violence Stops Now

I visited my kids’ school this morning for an event, feeling grateful for the opportunity and thinking about the parents who woke up this morning unable to be with their children. I listened as the headmaster addressed the shooting at Robb Elementary, and as he fought back tears, he said to the students. “You will all process this differently, and as you try to navigate the different emotions and try to make sense of this awful tragedy, we are here for you.”  

Our role as adults is to be there for children, to protect them, and to provide them with security.  If we continue to allow these shootings to happen, whether through complacency or by failing to address gun control, then we continue to fail our children.  We force the responsibility of their safety upon them - our most vulnerable and trusting population. We must not fail them anymore.  As parents AND as humans, none of us would choose to have our children participate in an active shooter drill so that we can make buying a gun more convenient - and immediate - for an adult.  

We have become desensitized to tragedies as a coping mechanism because we know deeply how wrong and senseless these events are.  We must not allow ourselves to accept these events as unfortunate truths to society.  This must end.  Right now all of us must take action and support gun control.  Here is how you can help today:


Time for Action
  1. Donate to one the following organizations working to stop gun violence:
    1. Everytown/Moms Demand Action
    2. Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    3. Brady Campaign 
  2. Contact your state’s representatives to advocate for new legislation - 202-224-3121
  3. Host your own fundraiser or event 
  4. Join a local chapter of a gun violence prevention organization
    1. Moms Demand Action 
    2. Brady
    3. States United to Prevent Gun Violence 
  5. Use your available platforms: social media, blogs, write a letter to the editor for your local paper 
  6. Get involved in local politics and reform
  7. VOTE!